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    Great story, Lenore. Exactly the point I was making here.

    Ron Gill
> I remember a statement from a high up at Disney when I presented my  
> story "Sandy's Sound" ( a jazz fairy tale) to them.
> The "higher up" said it was a great story but that "jazz is an  
> acquired taste"
> Fast forward about ten years and Marcia Hillman's and my show "Scat  
> Cat's Adventures In Jazzland"
> It is a live show teaching YOUNG kids about the history of jazz  
> with a great little story and original music. The kids were about  
> ages 4-8yrs.
> At the end they all get to scat and participate. Two of the kids  
> got up in front and scatted like crazy. One child's father called  
> me two weeks later saying that the
> child hasn't stopped and whenever anybody visits he tells them he  
> can scat and does so. PS...he has just cut his first jazz album at  
> age 12.
> So...these kids all started out with no jazz knowledge...acquired  
> taste???? NO.!! Exposure. I have seen it time and again. When they  
> hear the music, they love it.
> The fix?? Not sure, but what about petitioning the pre schools and  
> elementary schools to present jazz in a music course? I think  
> parents today need to be educated too.
> Let's do something positive instead of complaining.
> If anybody wants to hear my "Scat Cat" story on a disc told by a 10  
> and 6 year old who are really into the music because that is what  
> their dad plays.  contact me. We are raising funds to record the  
> music.
> Lenore Raphael
> e mail lraphael at att.net
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