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I'm with you here Tom..."cheapskates." It's getting to me so I have to regroup on how I approach this. I have many asking to support them my mentioning to our listeners where they're performing. I never use to ask them if they supported us but started doing so and checking. Now this is just my perspective...I started to realize the more I promoted them the more folks would come in asking us to do so. Trust me I want to support the area talent and at $35 for our basic yearly membership? Come on. I started noticing we would never hear from many of these folks during our membership drives. Poof! Off the face of the earth. After the drives are over they start calling again and emailing me info. I was curious as to how others dealt with this issue.

There is another side to this too. I had a musician become a member then he expected me to announce every hour where they were playing. Of course I didn't so now I'm not "supporting" the musicians. Then, if you do mention where they are playing and no one shows up then it's "our" fault because we didn't mention it enough. Couldn't be that no one was interested in seeing these folks play. Ya think? 

Jae Sinnett  

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> calendar!
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> I announce local gigs routinely, and occasionally play CD's
> by locals.  But I can't be bothered with who
> contributes partly because I may get resentful of the
> cheapskates.  I will inquire of our Development
> Department about the giving histories of well-to-do
> listeners whom we may cultivate for higher giving levels,
> but no one else.  To anyone (musician or otherwise) who
> admits to me that they don't contribute, I make a firm and
> confident sales pitch, which is usually persuasive. 
> (Would that we could make a personal appeal to everyone of
> our 200,000 listeners!)  Where I try to be most
> discerning in terms of announcements is the type of venue,
> not the performer.  If the gig is background in a noisy
> restaurant, forget it, I'm not doing free advertising for
> the kitchen.  But if it's a place where people actually
> go to hear music, absolutely.
> I could write a book on this one, including a couple of
> instances in which adhering to company standards has
> resulted in personal consequence, but I'll ask the question
> instead:  How many "enemies" have you created by
> refusing to play not ready-for-prime-time recordings?
> Tom Reney
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> Question
> ROCHESTER N.Y. -- Mark your calendar!
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> There is a lot of irony in these discussions...teaching
> kids about this music and making the future stronger. The
> future is now in many ways. Just as much emphasis as we put
> on teaching these students should also be applied towards
> adults.
> I do have a question for programmers...how do you feel
> about mentioning local events on your show...like musicians
> gigs...from those that never give your station a dime when
> pledge time comes around? Just curious.
> Jae Sinnett
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