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Tom, Jae, et al - 

I have very strong feelings about this.  My station has a policy to not announce anything unless it's a paid sponsorship, and we no longer have a local calendar, so announcing individual gigs are a moot point.  But regardless, I feel that all musicians should support the jazz stations since there is a correlation between having jazz on the local radio and having a presence in the community to get gigs.  And since the stations do keep the music in people's minds (the other area station here does actually have a calendar) and allow musicians to hear new music that we otherwise would not keep up on, it's essential to support it.  And if you get a gig mention, that's worth a pledge right there. Or an interview - Oh my! What's THAT worth!   

But there is a group of musicians who don't "get it", and I don't think they ever will. They feel that a specific thing isn't the way they would like it and thus withhold money, feeling that they are voting with their checkbooks (or state that as an excuse for being cheap).  Although I have many gripes as well, I recognize that some station is better than no station... and that there aren't huge sources to make up the gap.  And some feel too poor - but don't acknowledge this as being a cost of doing business, a responsibility. Twenty to fifty bucks - SOMEthing to acknowledge the relationship/ service.

I actually came to the station some years ago as a general fundraiser volunteer, knowing that it was a mutual-support concept.  Then for a few years before I had my own show, I would help pitch on others' shows, and always put out a shout to other musicians to call in.  They didn't.
This last fundraiser, however, I am happy to say that 2 musicians I work with actually pledged during my show. Progress!



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