[JPL] Christian McBride - Kind Of Brown

Cory Weeds cory at cellarjazz.com
Sun Jul 19 14:14:39 EDT 2009

Has anyone else had the same reaction to the new Christian McBride  
album that I have?  I think this album is piece of art.  I'm not sure  
exactly what it is that has hit me exactly but I cannot get enough of  
it.  I think in recent years McBride has gone a bit astray and I  
haven't enjoyed his previous albums very much at all but this new one  
has really hit home with me. The writing is superb, the playing is  
phenomenal and it just has an overall vibe that is so enjoyable.

I think this record will show up on the nomination list when the  
Grammy's are announced!

Cory Weeds
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