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It's not a "slippery slope" Cory nor is anyone suggesting that musicians should be "expected" to support. That's not how I would phrase it. How about simply wanting to? For me as an artist too, it's common sense. Musicians want their music played then why not support the outlet that supports them? They paid to have their music recorded, packaged and distributed then why not support the outlets that play it? Where else will their music be played? Their support shows us they appreciate what we do for them. I agree again that we provide a public service but at some point someone has to say at the expense of what? I've even had musicians reluctant to send us CD's to help with our fundraisers and we played the CD! That said, I do realize some may not have that many to send out. 

Times are tight and stations are struggling and logic would say you can't continue to give away free air time. And what is the amount of money we're talking about here? Jeez. In my view it's taking a free ride and advantage of a wonderful outlet. There is a dilemma in wanting to support the artists and not having the venues they play support as well. The businesses would love for us just to keep mentioning what's going on at their venue at no cost and some have played into this by knowing we have always supported the musicians and will mention. The dilemma is when neither the musician or venue support. I was taught if you want something...work and pay for it. 

Jae Sinnett  

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> calendar!
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> I think we're on a slippery slope here regarding musicians
> being expected to donate or contribute to their respective
> community radio stations.  Im coming at this from a few
> angles. I have a radio show that does 2 major fundraisers
> per year, I own a club and I am a musician.  As a radio
> host I feel it is my responsibility to keep my audience
> abreast as to what's happening on the local jazz scene
> because I believe it all goes hand in hand in terms of
> garnering long term support for the
> music.   Instead of expecting musicians to
> donate dollars I do ask for a CD or two for a giveaway, and
> have also had them come in play live in studio for free to
> enhance the show for my listeners, therefore hopefully
> getting more donations.  I have found as the host of
> the show musicians in general have been very very good at
> letting me know when and where they're playing and
> requesting interviews and making their music available etc.
> but in the event that they don't, I certainly make the extra
> effort to find out what is happening in the local clubs and
> make sure I mention it and encourage people to go out and
> hear live jazz at any and every opportunity.
> I think that the major responsibility should lie with the
> venues themselves.  I as the owner of The Cellar am a
> yearly subscriber to 102.7 CFRO. I get a ton of advertising
> through them for free and the value of that is impossible to
> figure out.  My donation is modest in terms of dollar
> value but  I also  supply the other DJ's who do
> jazz shows with countless CDs to give away on their shows to
> help raise money. I also advertise my show in The Cellar
> calendar and on y website etc. etc.  There are however
> a lot of venues that don't support the station that I really
> think should.
> This is just my two cents worth.
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