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Lots of good points made in this thread and sub-threads:

Musician plugs and funding contributions:
I would say I take a similar approach to Cory's in Vancouver in terms
of plugging artist performances.  CKUW Winnipeg is a campus/community station,
and one of our mandates is building "community".  I do my best to make sure
that jazz is not excluded, hard as that is, since the "campus" side of the 
tends to rule the music side of things at the station, and that means not a
huge amount of interest in creative music.  Like Cory, I really feel we 
need to sell
"jazz" whenever and however possible.

I certainly don't begrudge musicians the opportunity to plug their gigs on
my show if they want to make the effort.  We also have a station thrice-daily
entertainment guide which is open to anyone in any genre, any event, to
send their event info to. No guarantees that the items are read each time,
but jazz tends to stick out when I go looking for items to read when I do the
guide on my show.

Some of the local jazz players have been terrific about helping out with live
performances (unpaid I may add) during my fund drive show, so I  tend
to take that as a contribution of support. It makes the show better -- I 
hope --
and hopefully that translates into increased donations.  We make sure
that the audience knows that these musicians are giving their time gratis
to help support the programming. And it's not like there's a lot of jazz on
the radio here, so why not ensure that we keep what there is.

I guess if we had some actual jazz venues  we'd be chasing them for
support.  The jazz festival doesn't give us a lick of financial support, but
they sure like the free publicity, ticket giveaways, and the availability 
of radio
hosts to act as MCs for their shows.

Musician self-promotion:
The comment about musicians in this climate today having to recognize the
need to self-promote is bang on.  Too often I get this comment from some 
musicians who have a new cd out:  "well, I'll send you something if we
tour out that way."  Of course when they do get here, the gig often tanks, 
you've had only a couple of shows, if that, to play their cd let alone 
mention the gig.
And then they wonder why no one comes out to hear them.  Doh!!!
And we HAVE to play Canadian content on our shows!

Listeners who never donate:
No what really bugs me the most is the guy whom you happen to meet or
are introduced to for the first time who says something like this:  "Love your
show, man. I listen to it all the time."   And of course you instantly 
that he is definitely not a contributor to the fund drives, never 
has  been, even once.
Nor will he likely be, because when you ask him to remember that at fund
drive time, you get one of "those" looks or grunts.

Are we ever going to reach those types?

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg

Cory wrote:

>I think we're on a slippery slope here regarding musicians being
>expected to donate or contribute to their respective community radio
>stations.  Im coming at this from a few angles. I have a radio show
>that does 2 major fundraisers per year, I own a club and I am a
>musician.  As a radio host I feel it is my responsibility to keep my
>audience abreast as to what's happening on the local jazz scene
>because I believe it all goes hand in hand in terms of garnering long
>term support for the music.    <snip>

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