[JPL] Len Dobbin

Len Dobbin lendobbin at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 21 14:20:59 EDT 2009

 As many of you already know, our father, Len Dobbin, has gone to join many 
of his best friends in Bebop Heaven.

      We will miss him dearly, but despite a heavy heart, we are grateful 
for so many things.

      We are grateful that he won his battle with alcohol and that we had 
thirteen more years with him.

      We are grateful :

      that his final days were spent doing what he loved best;
      that he got to spend time with Sheila Jordan, Monique Fauteux and 
Dorothy Berryman;
      that he had his last meal, prepared by Juan at Upstairs in the company 
of Joel;
      that he felt no pain;
      that the doctors were able to keep him alive long enough for those 
closest to him to say their farewells and wish him Godspeed to heaven;
      but most of all, we are grateful for the loving and supportive jazz 
family of which he was a part.

      May his memory live on in all our hearts...



      I would like to thank the fellowship on behalf of myself, my family 
and the entire jazz community for giving us thirteen more years with him.

      We have received thanks from people in AA for the help my father gave 

      On a personal note, my father was my rock and my personal sponsor 
through some difficult moments in the past three years.

      I will miss his serenity, humor, wisdom and love.

      His loss left a hole in many hearts.



      CKUT (McGill Radio) had a memorial show in his honor from 11-4 this 
Sunday. It is archived, so you can listen to it at your leisure. 

      A MEMORIAL has been planned for August 9th, from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm at 
l'Astral, 305 Saint-Catherine St. Ouest, Montreal

      A WEEK LONG DEDICATION will be planned at UPSTAIRS the week of what 
would have been Len's 75th birthday in February 2010, the proceeds of which 
will create a scholarship in his honour. Obviously, details are scarce 

      A FACEBOOK group has been created in his honor for people to post 
comments, jokes, photos, etc. and to keep everyone apprised of upcoming 

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