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I did hear the story.  Twice.  I wasn't the least bit offended by it.  Milo Miles is not a jazz critic.  His beat is world/global music. 

Miles opined that jazz festivals are amongst the most inclusive musically of any sort of music festival.  Can't argue with that.  And that was the underlying premise of the performances that he reviewed.  I dare say he would be the first to say that  jazz concert reviews  be left to a jazz critics. 

Now if only the organizers of  Jazz Aspen Snowmass  would bother to book an occasional jazz artist for their festival... 

Fresh Air?  Much ado about nothing.  And don't forget Terry Gross is married to Francis Davis who IS a jazz critic (and a good one to boot). 

But if you're looking for something to be legitimately outraged about, please follow this link: http://communities.canada.com/montrealgazette/blogs/wordsandmusic/archive/2009/07/02/maria-with-the-long-bare-arms.aspx 

Jeff Heinrich's "review" of Maria Schneider's performance in Montreal is so off-the-mark, smug, ignorant, etc. that he should be banned from writing anything other than his name for all eternity. 

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I did not hear the story; I hope that many members of JPL will write to   
Terry Gross and/or NPR management with these sentiments. It's not just that it 
 hurts the music, it's a journalistic shortcoming that comes from either   
ignorance or indifference. Who did the story? Someone who should have known   
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Anyone  hear this spot on Fresh Air? The announcer states that he endorsed 
the  Montreal Jazz Fest. He starts talking then remarks something to the 
effect  that he's not going to focus on the jazz and ignores it. While the 
"world"  artists are very cool if I were the average listener I would ask why 
not talk  about the jazz? What was wrong with it? It's perceptions like this 
that hurt  this music. 

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