[JPL] Fresh Air Spot - Montreal Jazz Fest

Mike Stratton dreamtrane at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 16:57:11 EDT 2009

I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here, but I was at the Montreal Jazz
Fest a couple of weeks ago. It was the second time I've attended in the past
few years. I LOVE Montreal and had a very good time in the city. However,
the majority of music that is free at the jazz fest usually isn't jazz. I
heard some blues, some techno pop, some new age flamenco, some klezmer jazz,
but it really isn't close to the kind of music you hear on the streets for
free at the Detroit Jazz Festival. I paid some bucks and saw a great set by
Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo Pak Coalition. But most of the jazz from the name
artists costs a lot of money.
Mike Stratton

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 4:01 PM, Jae Sinnett <jaejazz at yahoo.com> wrote:

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> Anyone hear this spot on Fresh Air? The announcer states that he endorsed
> the Montreal Jazz Fest. He starts talking then remarks something to the
> effect that he's not going to focus on the jazz and ignores it. While the
> "world" artists are very cool if I were the average listener I would ask why
> not talk about the jazz? What was wrong with it? It's perceptions like this
> that hurt this music.
> Jae Sinnett
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