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> This week's sponsor: Lisa Hilton, "Twilight & Blues"
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     A class act all the way, Tom. What we singers strive for.
     But, surprised he did  a date at Tanglewood at this time
     in July. Usually it's classical until September. Am I wrong?
     Ron Gill

> The drive home was even worse than the drive out, but we had to  
> attend Tony Bennett's magnificent concert in the Shed tonight.   
> Gray Sargent, gtr., Lee Musiker, piano, Marshall Wood, bass, Harold  
> Jones, drums, all given generous showcases and playing  
> beautifully.  Jones, who spent years with Count Basie, plays the  
> quietest, hard swinging stick I've ever heard, and was featured on  
> It Don't Mean a Thing.  Gray played 2- to 4-bar quotes from various  
> weather songs all night, Isn't This a Lovely Day, Stormy Weather,  
> etc.  Marshall duoed w Bennett on Speak Low.  I've seen Bennett  
> about 10 times.  He'll turn 83 on 8/3, and he's still so complete,  
> even a lot of dance steps, more than usual, and those amazing  
> pipes.  He sang several ballads with Gray out front playing at the  
> softest level imaginable and still saying so much.  These guys are  
> able to make it a wonderful musical adventure because Bennett  
> himself is so jazz oriented.  He forgot the words mid-way through  
> The Best Is Yet to Come, admitted it, then said to the guys, "Keep  
> going.  You're swinging so much!"  His last recording of Christmas  
> songs with the Basie band showed some decline, but it must have  
> been the day or the date, as he was really strong in this 75 minute  
> show tonight.  Of course, the adoration helps.  There must have  
> been 10 standing ovations, and he returns the applause with  
> vigorous claps of his own toward the crowd and the cats on the  
> band.  He concluded with a spine-tingling How Do You Keep the Music  
> Playing and sustained the song's penultimate word, "never," for  
> about 16 bars.  He took a few bows, but didn't return to sing  
> anything else.
> No one felt cheated.
> Tom
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> Lisa Hilton: "Twilight & Blues"  August release
> Lisa Hilton/piano, Larry Grenadier/bass, Lewis Nash/drums/Jeremy  
> Pelt/trumpet, J. D. Allen/sax
> "Forget all of the piano sensations that are out there - the best  
> newer voice out there lives in Malibu: Lisa Hilton.....The whole  
> disc has an  ambience that draws you in while swinging with  
> emotion....The band shows its chops....Thoughtful and well crafted  
> from start to finish, this is a must have for jazz fans".  George  
> Harris/All About Jazz
> "A stellar lineup...Ms. Hilton demonstrates her maturity as a  
> pianist enough that any listener will appreciate her gift".  Eric  
> Cohen/WAER Radio, NY
> "Hilton uses blue notes to create an intimate world of beauty that  
> is true to the artist she is. Hilton's orignality of vision is her  
> strength, and her light touch is as lovely as she is and as  
> addictive as the waves breaking near her Malibu home."  Brad  
> Walseth/Jazz Chicago.net
> "Exciting for the listener... hot stuff".  Chris Spector/Midwest  
> Record
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