[JPL] PLAYLIST - WSHA 7/20/09 Straight No Chaser

Susan Reeves susan at susanreeves.net
Wed Jul 22 22:31:08 EDT 2009

WSHA 88.9 Raleigh -  Straight No Chaser,   Monday Edition (Susan Reeves)
Monday July 20, 2009   8 - midnight
(artist - song title - cd) (*- recent release)

Hailey Niswanger – Four in One   (Confeddie)* 
Jim Rotondi – Georgia   (Blues for Brother Ray)* 
Irene Atman –   A Time For Love     ( New York Rendezvous)* 
Towner Galaher -   April 28th   (Courageous Hearts)* 
Christian McBride –   Uncle James     (Kind of Brown)* 
Judy Niemack -   Sails   (In the Sundance)* 
Sean Nowell – For All Intensive Purposes   (The Seeker)* 
Iris Ornig -   What Is This Thing Called Love   (New Ground)* 
Kevin Deitz – La Contessa   (Skylines)* 

Sergio Salvatore/ Christos Rafalides -   title     (Dark Sand )* 
Donny McCaslin   - title   (Recommended Tools) 
Edward Simon -   title   (Poesia)* 
Kendra Shank –   I’m Movin’ On     (Mosaic)* 
Keith Jarrett-   My Song   (Carnegie Hall Concert) 
Matt Ulery – It’s Been A Long Time   (Themes and Scenes)* 
Lisa Markley -   Song For Henry   (One Word)* 
Sam Yahel – United   (Hometown)* 
Aaron Parks -    Nemesis     (Invisible Cinema) 
Bobby Previte -   title   (Set the Alarm for Monday) 
Mark Murphy –   Once Upon a Summertime    (Love is What Stays) 
Dave Rivello – Dancing in Circles    (Facing the Mirror)* 
Gene Ess – Discovery In Three   (Modes of Limited Transcendence) 
Tigran Hamasyan -    Shogher Jan     (Red Hail)* 
Eastern Blok -   Tango Padjusko   (Folk Tales)* 
Kristin Korb – Tears of the Sun    (In the Meantime)* 
Arthur Kell Quartet-    Names and Spaces    ( Victoria )* 
The Fully Celebrated -   Brothers of Heliopolis 
      (Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones)* 
Matt Wilson Quartet   - Come and Find the Quiet Center 
        (That’s Gonna Leave a Mark)* 
Giorgio Serci/ Roberto Manzin   - Momentum (Silver Lining)* 
Julia Hulsmann -   Last One Out   (The End of   a Summer) 

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Raleigh, N.C.


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