[JPL] A Strange question about Sun Ra

Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 24 20:09:04 EDT 2009

According to Robert Campbell's discography: http://homepage.uab.edu/moudry/discintr.htm, Sun Ra's first surviving recordings were made as a sideman with Wynonie Harris in 1946, followed by sessions with the Dozier Boys, Eugene Wright, Red Saunders and others. He supposedly made a recording earlier than that with Coleman Hawkins, though that recording has never surfaced. He made some private recordings with Stuff Smith in the early 50s. Though he worked w/Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra in 1946-7, I've never seen or heard any recordings of Ra w/the orchestra. Has anyone heard of any Henderson recordings of the Ra arrangements?

I assume there are more details availible in John Szwed's biography of Sun Ra. 

> *******************************************************
> Just had a strange call from a listener that said thirty years ago in
> Philadelphia he heard a cut on the radio that featured Sun Ra playing with
> Fletcher Henderson. I read that Sun Ra played piano in Henderson's Chicago
> Club De Lisa in the late forties but I told him that a Fletcher Henderson
> recording with Sun Ra sounded unlikely.I think maybe the listener heard a
> recording by Sun Ra of Henderson tunes, which would sound plausible. Any
> thoughts?
> *************************************************

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