[JPL] A Strange question about Sun Ra

Martin Wright jazzman at hotkey.net.au
Sat Jul 25 03:33:16 EDT 2009


I can remember many years ago being told by a mate of mine who was a
huge Sun Ra fan that he had a tape (not sure whether it was a cassette
or reel to reel) of a Sun Ra recording which had Fletcher Henderson
playing with him. Difference of emphasis might be that he was a Sun Ra
fan and I was playing a Henderson recording at the time.

Unfortunately my friend has joined the music room in the sky so I can't
expand on the memory

Martin Wright
Traveling Australia


Just had a strange call from a listener that said thirty years ago in
Philadelphia he heard a cut on the radio that featured Sun Ra playing
Fletcher Henderson. I read that Sun Ra played piano in Henderson's
Club De Lisa in the late forties but I told him that a Fletcher
recording with Sun Ra sounded unlikely.I think maybe the listener heard
recording by Sun Ra of Henderson tunes, which would sound plausible. Any

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