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Bobby Jackson ftapache1 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 26 01:24:03 EDT 2009

I sent out an earlier e-mail that I don't think made it out there so  
here goes round two.

First to the JPL family....Heart felt thanks to all the voices who  
have expressed concern and regrets of the demise of local jazz at  
WCPN.  A greater family than our jazz family does not exist.  I'm  
grateful to be counted in your ranks.  The task in Cleveland was  
difficult to begin with and not altogether unexpected in terms of its  
outcome.  I gave it my best, learned a lot along the way and don't  
know what I would have done here differently working with the tool box  
I was given.  For my own effort, I have no regrets.  I've been a true  

As for Bob Parlocha and Dinner Jazz, I respect Bob for his acumen as a  
jazz broadcaster.  However, I just don't think syndication works as  
well as local jazz presenters any more than NPR news works in lieu of  
locally based newscasts and reporters.  Cheaper out of necessity I  
guess, but certainly less than....

This evening, my wife was entertaining some girl friends who paid us a  
visit tonight and I put on some music for them.  It hit me then that  
Cleveland would not have any local flavor in terms of music and that  
was depressing.  I have no desire to work, teach or live in a city  
that doesn't have a radio station committed to jazz.  I've never had  
to do that before and I don't want to do it now or in the future.  I'm  
actually looking to head home (NYC) or to wind up in New England if I  
can swing that.  You never know what life will bring so I choose to  
remain optimistic.

I've always maintained we jazz stations are like fish swimming in a  
barrel.  This time I got shot.  I hope none of you have to endure this  
kind of hardship but we all know this isn't over just yet.  I'm just  
beginning this journey to the next phase of my life and work so  
everything is all very hazy for me right now.  I remember many going  
through this including my brother from another mother Arturo Gomez.  I  
have major concerns about my family and health insurance costs.  That  
is scary considering the times we live in.  I'll be glad when I find  
something and can settle into new routines.  There may be a  
possibility of me doing work on the internet and I'm having  
discussions about that right now, including lending some positive  
energy to it.  It's not a situation that will allow me to pay my bills  
right away or afford me health care but it is something to look  
forward to.  I'm not ready to be put out to pasture just yet.  Please  
keep me in your thoughts to possibilities that may open up out here.

I applied for the job in Portland.  The search committee was very kind  
and very committed to finding the right person to fit in their  
community.  I was impressed by their commitment to jazz and wish them  
well.  I heard there were over 80 applicants for the job.   I am  
grateful for the opportunity to speak with them as I'm sure they  
didn't interview everyone who applied.  Of course, I was disappointed  
that they didn't call my name but  I want to extend my best wishes    
to KMHD and Matt Fleeger as he begins his journey of shepherding jazz  
for OPB/KMHD.  There are some great people who work at that shop such  
as my dear friends Jan and Rick Mancuso.  Considering musicians like  
bassists Ben Wolfe and Esperanza Spaulding who cut their eyeteeth in  
that community learning jazz it seems like a great situation to be in,  
not to mention the progressiveness of the city.  It's encouraging to  
see a community that actually GETS it and is committed to making local  
jazz their programming flagship and to fight to make jazz work in  
their community.  Who knew that local jazz would be more important to  
communities like Portland over places like Chicago and Cleveland??   
Who knew???  Keep swingin' and fighting for this music!!!  Trust that  
I will too.....


Bobby Jackson

On Jul 25, 2009, at 10:42 PM, TradeSecrets/Mancuso's wrote:

> This week's sponsor: Lisa Hilton, "Twilight & Blues"
> *******************************************************
> Here’s our go to person for music service & all things KMHD 89.1
> Gresham/Portland.  Matt comes from KRTU in San Antonio.
> Matt Fleeger ~ KMHD
> Oregon Public Broadcasting
> 7140 SW Macadam Ave.
> Portland, Or 97219
> MFleeger at opb.org  - I assume this is his email.   It’s how all  
> others are
> configured.
> He’s said that service to others on-airs can continue, just be sure  
> the
> station – Matt – is on there.
> Please be sure to REMOVE
> Greg Gomez
> 26000 SE Stark St.
> Gresham, OR 97030
> The new studios at OPB (I’m calling it Starship KMHD) are almost  
> finished &
> eta for broadcast launch from there is August 10th.  Press  
> conference &
> ceremony included!  Boy, what a difference!!
> Ciao,
> Jan Mancuso
> *************************************************
> Lisa Hilton: "Twilight & Blues"  August release
> Lisa Hilton/piano, Larry Grenadier/bass, Lewis Nash/drums/Jeremy  
> Pelt/trumpet, J. D. Allen/sax
> "Forget all of the piano sensations that are out there - the best  
> newer voice out there lives in Malibu: Lisa Hilton.....The whole  
> disc has an  ambience that draws you in while swinging with  
> emotion....The band shows its chops....Thoughtful and well crafted  
> from start to finish, this is a must have for jazz fans".  George  
> Harris/All About Jazz
> "A stellar lineup...Ms. Hilton demonstrates her maturity as a  
> pianist enough that any listener will appreciate her gift".  Eric  
> Cohen/WAER Radio, NY
> "Hilton uses blue notes to create an intimate world of beauty that  
> is true to the artist she is. Hilton's orignality of vision is her  
> strength, and her light touch is as lovely as she is and as  
> addictive as the waves breaking near her Malibu home."  Brad Walseth/ 
> Jazz Chicago.net
> "Exciting for the listener... hot stuff".  Chris Spector/Midwest  
> Record
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> JazzzDog
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