[JPL] Syndicated Programming at Jazz Radio

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 28 15:51:11 EDT 2009

It's simple...have equally good or better programming than anything offered for syndication and make sure your jazz fundraising pays for itself so you don't become a liability. In my view...usually...and the key word is usually...PD's will make changes like this because jazz doesn't get the support that is deemed necessary to justify the expense. That said, I've seen situations with no logic...as in the case of Bobby Jackson. You can also start syndicated jazz programming and undercut the already low $10 per hour offer on one program. It happens on jazz gigs all the time.  

Jae Sinnett 

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> I have this notion that many of the Jazz Stations or
> stations cutting Jazz in lieu of Syndicated Jazz Programming
> will soon evolve from Syndicated Programming of Jazz to NEWS
> and TALK and this is just a ploy to soften the blow of
> dropping experienced Jazz Personalities and cut costs. 
> In my opinion nothing can replace the local aspect of Jazz
> Radio in any community and someday management will realize
> that the world does not listen to the radio for NEWS and
> TALK.  There are far better opportunities to get this
> type of programming from television and now even through
> Smart Phones.  ALOHA  Tom
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