[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic", WCVF-FM, 5/1/09

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Sat May 2 15:04:56 EDT 2009

  Fredonia's most prominent "world music" artist, Ghanaian gyil wizard and
drummer Bernard Woma, bid farewell to SUNY Fredonia after some 15 years as
both student and Percussion Professor, with a rousing concert featuring the
Fredonia African Drumming Ensemble. We all hate to see him go, of course,
but he's become much too significant a figure in African traditional music -
what with his Bernard Woma Ensemble and his Saakumu Dance Troupe (not to
mention the summer school he runs in Accra, Ghana) - to keep bottled up in
this small space. We're just darned lucky to have had him here on campus
this long. Don't be a stranger, my friend!
To the list:

Downtown Mystic - Eyes of the World - Read the Signs

Wild Carrot - Big Road Blues - Defined

Andrew Moore Shannon - Improv 1 - Compulsion

Benton Flippen & the Smokey Valley Boys - Sugar Tree Stomp - An Evening at
WPAQ, 1984

Battlefield Band - Ton Bale Leon Braz/The People's Jig/Ash City/Blackjack
Grove - Dookin'

Gianmaria Testa - Il Valzer di un Giorno - Solo dal Vivo

Steve James - The Original High/Low Stomp - Short Blue Stories

Cory Allen - Exedra - The Fourth Way

Lucky Lopez and the Saloonatics - Let Me Be - Belt Fulla Blues

Larisa Migachyov - Breadcrumbs Rag - Oh, That Ragtime Chick

Dave Arcari - You Oughta Know - Got Me Electric

Juggernauts - Get With It - You Mean We Get Paid For This?

Skylighters - Guess My Heart Has a Mind of its Own - The Skylighters

South Nine Ensemble - Smile - Doing It Augie Style

Rinse the Algorithm - Constellation 149 - Locutions

John Elliott - The Last of the Mohicans - American In Love

Anais - J'Sais Pas - The Love Album

Bernard Woma Ensemble - Bagr Binne - Jumbie Sampler (various artists)

Mavrothi Kontanis - Ussak Saz Semaisi - Wooden Heart

Faerd, Dorge, Becker, & Hjetland - Mattvisa - Kryss

Orlando Otey - Chopin: Polonaise in Ab, op. 53 - The Chopin of Mexico Plays
More Chopin

Paul Williams & the Victory Trio - Back to the Old Home - What a Journey

Rogues - The Waterfall - American Highlander

Plainfield Slim - Hideout - American Roots Live! Presents The Studio
Masters, Vol. 2 (various)

Bipolar - Op. 130 (Presto) - Euphrates, Me Jane

Esthema - Distance - Apart from the Rest

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