[JPL] help to understand radio Royalty system

Susan Reeves susan at susanreeves.net
Sun May 3 23:50:28 EDT 2009

Hello all - 

I am hoping to understand better the actual system in place now for royalties to songwriters from songs played on our radio stations.  

Is it a correct statement that university-affiliated stations  (educational institutions like mine, including hosts with emails with   .edu)  do not have to pay any royalties?  So that a large number of stations reporting to the JPL are non-royalty-paying stations?  

And how about stations like WGBH or KUVO  - are these PBS not-for-profit stations royalty-paying to the same degree as commercial stations, not at all, or somewhere in the middle?  Other than internet entities like Taintradio who are not for profit but-royalties-paying, ARE there any commercial stations playing jazz?

Thanks for your replies to try and understand the renumeration reality from the jazz musicians' end.

- Susan


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