[JPL] Sweet Thunder / Ben Tucker

JASSavannah jassav at comcast.net
Mon May 4 14:31:25 EDT 2009

Just for the record, I do not represent Ben Tucker; Our relationship is that 
of very dear friends.  He was at my house during Passover and told me about 
his upcoming cd and how it ties into Nelson Mandela.  I told him I would 
help get the word out about it.

The liner notes were written by Rob Gibson -Founding Executive Director of 
JAZZ AT THE LINCOLN CENTER.  He now is running the Savannah Music Festival 
here in Savannah.

Anyone wanting a copy for airplay or review should email Mr. Tucker all the 
necessary information at:   bentuckerjazz at yahoo.com .

If you don't mind cc'ing me, I would appreciate it.

Creative Listening,

Larry Dane-Kellogg
Savannah, GA 

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