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radio  folks who post daily playlists: post them together 1/wk

Disagree: if I'm too busy to check the playlists, I sort my incoming mail  
by the subject, and delete them en masse. I'd hate to delete a whole week's  
playlists at once. And, an entire week's list would be a lot to digest.

folks who publicize the same weekly gig, either quit it! or post a  monthly
Agree, if that's actually going on. If it is, I'm missing it. So,  while 
it's a good idea to ban or govern the practice, so far I don't see the  

folks who post multiple new york times articles (see  above)

Again, disagree: they are usually clearly marked, and easy to delete if  
they're not your cup of tea.

with  some luck and cooperation, we'll all avoid carpal tunnel syndrome for 
some  days!

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