[JPL] cleaning up the list

Lloyd Townsend, Jr. jazz at imaginaryrecords.com
Mon May 4 21:18:08 EDT 2009


I, for one, appreciate the links to the NYTimes articles.  While I  
get the NYTimes daily email, I'd miss 80% of these music articles if  
you didn't dig them out and post them.  They're easy enough to delete  
if you're not interested.

(For those who complain because they get tons of email daily -- I'm  
one of them, too; usually 200+ from various listservs, business, and  
personal.  The delete key is my friend!)

Daily playlists for shows that run 5-7 days a week for one or two  
hours could be summarized weekly, but I don't really have a problem  
with them as is because it takes only a couple of seconds to review  
them and confirm that no one's played one of my catalog releases yet  
again -- because it's great to see them when something *does* get a  

My take on playlists is this:  too many of them are difficult to scan  
quickly!  99.9% of us look for the artist first, then check the rest  
of the detail.  Putting the track title, the exact broadcast time,  
every PSA run in the program (along with gobs of other broadcast  
detail), or even the track's author or publisher (!) first really  
increases the time it takes to process the playlist -- so most of  
those get the delete key immediately.  It takes too long to read  
them!  I'm really happy that I don't have to go through them all to  
produce a weekly or monthly airplay chart, and really appreciate the  
work done by those who DO produce the charts.

Just the opinion of one of the tiniest cogs in the music machine....

Lloyd Townsend
Prop., Imaginary Records

On May 4, 2009, at 5:13 PM, r durfee wrote:

> Actually, I post "multiple new york times articles" because I have  
> gotten many thank yous offlist for them, but will gladly desist.  
> It's been fun. thanks...roy
>> friendly suggestion/does anyone else agree?
>> radio folks who post daily playlists: post them together 1/wk
>> folks who post multiple new york times articles (see above)

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