[JPL] Jazz programmers in Europe question

Tom Marcello tom at joelocke.com
Tue May 5 08:34:23 EDT 2009


  Jazz Radio is much different in Europe than it is in the States.  
People here don't realize just how much jazz programing there really  
is in the States through college radio. Most station in Europe if  
they have any jazz programing at all, only have only a few per week.

One of the most prominent stations, as far as continuos jazz  
programing, is Radio Swiss Jazz.

Here's a short list:

Claire Martin
jazzlineup at bbc.co.uk
BBC Radio 3
BBC Scotland
40 Pacific Quay
G51 1DA

Jez Nelson
jazzon3 at bbc.co.uk
Jazz on 3
BBC Radio 3
Broadcasting House

Lara Bellini
Jazz Record Requests
BBC Radio 3
Broadcasting House
Portland Place
London W1A 1AA

Julian Allitt
julian.allitt at jazzradio.net
JazzRadio Ltd.
Postfach 390116
14091 Berlin

Pietro Ribi
Radio Swiss Jazz
Giacomettistrasse 1
P.O. Box
3000 Berne 15

Tom Marcello
Manager / Joe Locke

tom at joelocke.com

On May 5, 2009, at 8:07 AM, <ghunt at mtsu.edu> wrote:

> Good morning all,
> Any JPL'ers have contacts with jazz radio programmers in Europe?
> I have a friend (Tennessee by way of the U.K.)
> who travels through Europe - Oslo to Austria to Portugal -
> each year to visit many of the continent's jazz festivals.
> This June he's headed there again and wants to drop off some jazz  
> CDs by several mid-south artists to various radio stations along  
> his route (which he hasn't determined yet).
> Would anyone have a contact or two I could pass along to him?
> Much appreciated!
> greg-WMOT/Nashville
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