[JPL] Jazz programmers in Europe question

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Tue May 5 08:41:24 EDT 2009

Thanks Larry!
From what I gather, his itinerary will be determined as much by this as by the festivals he visits.  

He's a veteran traveler throughout Europe anyway.

If anyone would rather contact me offlist, it's ghunt at mtsu.edu .

Thanks again, Larry

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>I know quite a few radio programmers in Europe, but keep in mind that you're talking about 48 different countries with various national, state and private stations. It would make much more sense for your friend to determine his itinerary first, then zero in on programmers in those countries.
>> Good morning all,
>> Any JPL'ers have contacts with jazz radio programmers in Europe?
>> I have a friend (Tennessee by way of the U.K.)
>> who travels through Europe - Oslo to Austria to Portugal -
>> each year to visit many of the continent's jazz festivals.
>> This June he's headed there again and wants to drop off some jazz CDs by several mid-south artists to various radio stations along his route (which he hasn't determined yet).
>> Would anyone have a contact or two I could pass along to him?
>> Much appreciated!
>> greg-WMOT/Nashville
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