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Tue May 5 13:01:29 EDT 2009

Getting the digest version is most helpful for those who feel overwhelmed.

I may be missing something technical (Ed?), but if it were possible to sort
the digest by subject it would make thread-reading go faster and easier to

We get the NYT every day and sometimes miss articles I find on JPL.  Thanks
to all who post.

The playlist layout issue comes down to how it¹s prepared by the host or
retrieved off the stations computer.  We frequently can not alter/edit the
fields or field order.  And it becomes a matter of Œpost or not to post¹.

I like to see when my clients records get played and Ric & I also appreciate
getting thanks for the spins we post as well as service.

NEWS:  Next Wednesday May 13th, the Mt. Hood Community College board will
vote on whether to partner with Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) for the
operation of KMHD, their 25 year old, 24/7, all-volunteer jazz & blues

To say the Œdiscussions¹ have been dramatic would be an understatement.

The Œkool-aid¹ dispensed by the Œtoxic assets¹ on the paid staff has been
super-sized and dolled out to their union¹s lawyers, the board, the student
newspaper, and the school¹s award winning music department.

Whichever way it goes, it will be good to get it over with.

Hoping to join you in Rochester.

Jan (the first girl)

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