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Ok, wait a minute...as promoters we are not allowed to promote our artists
on JPL, so why was this not monitored and deleted, this is blatant marketing
and if this is the way it is going, then should we as promoters be able to
make marketing pitches too.

Read the terms of service....this is not allowed!  You had to agree to them
to sign up for this list.  As a promoter I don't post press release (which
believe me, I have plenty of them) or marketing pitches for airplay (which I
could flood the list with).  THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  Since there is a thread
talking about clean up, I feel this is exactly what should be examined.

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Dear DJs and Stations,
	Please let me know if you would like a complimentary CD for air play
of San Diego-based jazz band "East West," which features the Japanese
13-string Koto.  Just reply to this email with your name and mailing address
and I will send one to you immediately.  

	Sound samples and a photo of the band are available at
www.eastwestjazz.com/Epress.html.  Thank you!
Reiko Obata
"A welcome addition to the jazz scene ... and to one's collection."
JazzReview.com.   From the sell sheet:  "East West's self-titled debut CD is
an energizing listening experience, giving jazz standards get a fresh,
dynamic interpretation when the koto is blended with traditional jazz
instruments -guitar, sax, flute, bass and drums-as well as congas, flamenco.
East West features the unique sounds of the Japanese 13-string koto with an
impressive line-up of talented musicians who bridge East and West on songs
ranging from jazz standards to funk to Japanese melodies and original

Comin' Home Baby
Black Orpheus
Someday My Prince Will Come
Moon Over Castle Ruins
Killer Joe
Life is Like a River

East West is:
    Reiko Obata - Koto
    Jimmy Patton - Guitar
    Louisa West - Flute
    Bill Andrews - Bass
    Russell Bizzett - Drums
Guest Artists:
    Lynn Copeland - Electric bass
    Kamau Kenyatta - Saxophone
    George Nagata - Piano
    Ricky Carrido - Congas
    Sara Olivar - Flamenco shoes

East West Jazz
Reiko Obata 
reiko at eastwestjazz.com

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