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In regards to posting playlists, many of us do so because other
programmers use them to see what it is that we are playing, and vice
versa.  Every once in awhile I will be on something that, say, Linda
Yohn is unaware of, and might be interested in picking up on, and
conversely I may see something on her playlist that we are missing.

To post a playlist to get record service is way down on the list.  I
already have enough CDs submitted to me to program the entire rest of
2009!  I certainly don't need to solicit service, albeit I am always
open to receiving new quality material from an artist or label that we
haven't received before.

For those of you who are interested in this thread - of redesigning or
refashioning the JPL to meet our needs, in particular using new
technology to do so, need (if at all possible) to be at the JazzWeek
Summit this June in Rochester, NY, as we have already been planning on
some panels and discussions revolving around exactly this!

The light is on,


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if it  were possible to sort
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True enough, but not every message containing Playlist in the subject  
places the word "Playlist" first. 
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