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In responce to your please for a better understanding as to why you have not seen the sales you expected...


I am a Christian, and also a Jazz director for a station in Melbourne Florida, which now has been reduced to Jazz only on three evenings a week....


As you are aware, we recieve anywhere from 50 to 150 releases a month, from major lables, distributors and independants as well....


it is so hard to give all of the releases the attention they deserve....but in your case - noting your spiritual foundation, i was more than excited to review the cd and ready it for broadcast....


unfortunatley - even though you have an excellant band and production on your hands...your singing is not strong enough for consistant play on any of our shows formats...this is not a criticism, there are some very strong vocalists out there...and far greater a number that are not as good as you...


but i felt compelled to reply to your request for information....i am sorry if this is not the truth you were looking for, but i offer it to you as my way of letting you know that while your inspiration is pure, your vocals lacked the passion that would have raised the recording into playlist status...


keep up the good work, and as a positive note...the musicianship was stunning...

Rich Gangi 

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and Host of "Straight with Chaser" 
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> To: jazzproglist at jazzweek.com
> From: deannawit at earthlink.net
> Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 14:59:51 -0400
> Subject: [JPL] Question re: Amazon/trying to find a contact
> Hello, JPLers-
> I hope that you will allow and forgive a post that is not
> directly about radio. If any of you have contacts that might
> help with the Amazon problem that I describe below, please
> contact me directly at deannawit at earthlink.net.
> Most of you know that on April 7th, I self-released a new
> disc, From This Place. I had an interview on NPR's Weekend Edition 
> Sunday
> on April 12th- and I fully expected the disc to sell a ton of
> copies. As an individual, I provide Amazon with stock through their
> Advantage program, and advised them in advance of the interview- so they
> placed a stock-up order of 200 copies to be prepared for April 12th.
> From This Place was on the top 100 vocal jazz bestsellers
> list at Amazon for four days after the interview aired. However,
> my daily sales reports since April 12th state that to date I have
> sold 46 copies of the disc. This can't be right- I've filled out
> the Advantage service forms about four times now,
> and never get a real answer as to what is going on. My sales
> rank for FTP is currently much higher than my sales rank for
> my 2003 CD, Wide Open Window-- and when that earlier CD
> was released (and I was on a label), I also had an interview on
> the same NPR program, and was told that I'd sold
> 500 units of that disc within the first 24 hours of the interview.
> So, the current reports for FTP just don't add up.
> I say all this because there is obviously some mistake in the
> sales reports that I am receiving at Amazon-- and I'm also concerned
> that they are in all likelihood out of discs and don't really have the
> title in stock at all of their warehouses. There is no contact number
> for me to talk to a live person at Amazon-- it's like filling out 
> customer
> service forms and getting a different person with a non-helping answer
> each time.
> Do any of you know anyone affiliated with Amazon who I could contact?
> I would be eternally grateful for any help.
> Thanks in advance (and thanks for reading such a long message, too)-
> Deanna
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