[JPL] Musicos mexicanos

Arturo Gomez arturogomez at kuvo.org
Wed May 6 14:32:38 EDT 2009

Trumper Luis Gasca, drummer Antonio Sánchez, trombonist Steve Turre and his
2 musician brothers, percussionist Idelfonso “Poncho” Sánchez, pianist Eddie
Cano, vibist Bobby Montez, bassist Victor Venegas are just a few prominent
Mexican or US born of Mexican descent musicians whom have participated in
jazz.  By the way Mexicans as all other western hemisphere citizens are
Americans as well.


Larry Coryell is of Mexican descent on his mother’s side. There was a
significant Mexican musicians presence in New Orleans in the late 1800s and
Sydney Bechet’s first music teacher was a Mexican. To this day in the French
Quarter there is a tribute monument to Mexico’s Benito Juárez on Rampart



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