[JPL] Access To JPL

Ed Trefzger ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com
Wed May 6 21:44:59 EDT 2009

Before we go too far down this road, one of the panels at the Summit 
will be a discussion of the route of this going forward.  I can't let 
too much out of the bag yet, but I'm looking at what would be required 
to set this up as a community-operated, collaborative not-for-profit 
operation that would be an advocacy organization for jazz recording and 
radio, making prolific use of open-source tools and social media.

I'd prefer we don't have discussions on paying for access, because the 
long term goal is to have a not-for-profit organization providing 
services that are supported by memberships and by contributions to the 
cause -- both in time and in dollars.

But that's all I can reveal now, at least in this public forum.

-- Ed

On 5/6/09 9:21 PM, Dr. Jazz wrote:
> As listed at http://www.jazzweek.com/account/subscribe.html , a yearly 
> subscription is either $99 or $149, depending on level.
> -Dr.

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