[JPL] playlist: taintradio.org - taint town live 05-06-09

Bob Rogers taintradio at gmail.com
Thu May 7 02:11:28 EDT 2009

taintradio.org - taint town live 05-06-09
monday & wednesday matinee 9pm-midnight (eastern)
thursday, friday, saturday midnight-3am

David S. Ware, Superimposed (Corridors & Parallels) 2001
Randy Weston, Boram Xam Xam (Khepera) 1998
William Parker Quartet, title (Sound Unity) 2005
Venissa Santi, Embraceable You (Bienvenida) 2009
Jake Hertzog, Falling In Love With Love (Chromosphere) 2009
Sean Lyons, Ask Me Now (Roar of Lyons) 2009
Lynne Arriale, I Mean You (Nuance) 2009
Michael Musillami Trio + 3, Bill Barron (From Seeds) 2009

Mark Winkler, title (Till I Get It Right) 2009
Jimmy Greene, Mr. Octopus (Mission Statement) 2009
John Lurie, Small Car (The Legendary Marvin Pontiac) 1999
Jon Hassell, Abu Gil (Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the
street) 2009
Brad Shepik, Lima [South America]/Blind Spot [North America] (Human Activity
Suite) 2009
Omar Sosa, Gabriel's Trumpet (Across the Divide) 2009

Gutbucket, I Am A Jelly Donut (A Modest Proposal) 2009
Dee Alexander, Surrender Your Love (Wild Is The Wind) 2009
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, Zeno (Infernal Machines) 2009
Cyminology, Kalaam/Dassthaa/Delbasstegi (As Ney) 2009
Marc O'Connor, title, Movements 4-6 (Americana Symphony) 2009
Joe Locke Quartet, A Word Before You Go (Sticks and Strings)

*time is relative

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