[JPL] about Brad's keen comments

Arturo Gomez arturogomez at kuvo.org
Thu May 7 14:18:53 EDT 2009


Brad wrote <<< south of our border we (U.S. citizens) are referred to

as "norte americanos".  (Not sure what that means for Canadians,

though!)I always thought it was brazen of us to usurp the term

"Americans" when the Americas stretch well beyond the U.S.A.  Perhaps it

is because U.S.A. ends in America, and other variations referring to

"people from the U.S.A." seem awkward.   >>>>



In other nations of the Americas students are taught that besides Jamaicans,
Argentinians, Panamanians, Trinidadians etc etc they are also Americans in
reference to the continent similar to how Europeans, Asians and Africans
think of themselves, nationality and “continentality”. Here in the US there
is a built in arrogance to think that this is the United States IS America
instead of the United States OF America. Granted, part of this is the ease
in referring to oneself as American instead of how I call myself, a United
Statesian, a translation of the Spanish estado unidense which also has its
equivalent in French, Italian, Portuguese as well as other tongues. This
goes back to the founding of the US and its belief that it controls the
hemisphere as shown with the Monroe Doctrine and its actions with the Panama
Canal, Vieques, Guantánamo etc


In other nations of America Canadians are just simply called canadienses.
Honestly, United Statesian is not a perfect term because México is actually
Estados Unidos de México, the U S of Mexico. This is similar to Hispanic,
Latin and other terms used to describe a Spanish speaker, none are without


All of this just goes to show that modern society places to much emphasis on
labels for everything, people, music, food, political views etc etc




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