[JPL] Posting playlists

Linda Yohn lyohn at emich.edu
Thu May 7 16:10:48 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I suppose this comment will be superfluous after all the "cleaning up the list" discussion, but I needed to chime in.

The JPL is a marvelous jazz radio clearing house of all sorts of information from historic perspective to cutting edge.  

We need it for show preparation, communication, ideas, challenges, a chuckle and more.

I post the WEMU currents which gives those who want to read the postings a good idea of WEMU's sound and focus.  Because we are outside of both the Detroit and Lansing metropolitan areas, we are not surveyed by Mediaguide.  Yet, we play more jazz, blues and Latin jazz than any other station in the Detroit metropolitan area.  We've got to get the word out about our good work and it seems like the JPL is a good outlet for this information.  If you are not interested, just delete the message.

I plan to be part of the JPL shaping discussions at the JazzWeek Summit.  I have said this before and will repeat my statement that it is worth attending even if you have to underwrite it on your own.  And, I am reminded to make my 2009 donation to the JPL which I'll do next payday.

Thanks to Ed for keeping the faith for these many years.


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