[JPL] Ideas For Cleaning Up the List

SV Media Relations svmediarelations at gmail.com
Wed May 6 14:00:04 EDT 2009

I just wanted to make a suggestion about the list and perhaps this has
already been covered so excuse the repetition.

I am on a pr list that is constructed  in such a way that the topics are
organized by categories and there is an anchor on each one. If you only want
to see particular topics you can just click on the subject and it takes you
right to the message.

That way everyone wins. Those people who do not want to read certain topics
can avoid them and those that do can scroll the list per usual or be
selective too.

In my opinion, with such an illustrious group of professionals in so many
important areas of jazz radio and promotion it is good to keep the
information flowing rather than restrict it since you never know what you
might find.

On this list the submissions need to have clear titles or else they end up
in miscellaneous so it requires some responsibility of the people on the
list doing submissions.  You can create as many topic areas as you want and
they can change from week to week in certain areas if there is enough info.
Keep in mind that all of the topics are anchored directly to the post so you
don't have to do a lot of scrolling which I feel is more of a problem on
this list than the content.

I hope this helps and remember it's just one idea.

I'm not sure how you might want to organize it but here's an example:

*Topic: Playlists*
1) Playlist: WBGU ( all of these would be anchored directly to the topic)
2) Playlist: WFCR
3) etc, etc,

*Topic: Industry Articles*
1) NYTimes: Radio Promotion for Jazz
2) etc...

*Topic: Festivals, Conferences, etc.*
1) Jazz Week Summit: Schedule of Events
2) Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival: Artist Lineup

*Topic: Miscellaneous* (for those areas that have no where else)

Joy Foster
Shirley D. Downie
SV Media Relations

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