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What Tom Reney said.

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I appreciate the JPL, wish it were more and less of all sorts of stuff, but it is what it is and I'm grateful to Ed Trefzger for maintaining it. Were JPL to require a fee for membership on the list, I would ante up.  Until then, I'd appreciate a cease and desist to what seems like idle chatter and taunts over the contrived issue of who's presently contributing to it.  The listserv has not as yet required a fee, so whether or not one donates to it is entirely voluntary and, I should hope, confidential.  

Ed addressed this a day or two ago in pointing out that there's still no policy on the matter, but one may be arrived at during the Summit next month.  For now, the for-profit nature of Jazz Week/JPL makes the issue of "contributions" too ambiguous for contention.


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