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For the record, Dave Brubeck was on the cover of Time on November 8, 1954, 
the second jazz musician to be so honored.  Louis Armstrong made the cover 
on Feb. 21, 1949 after he was selected to be King of the Zulus for that 
year's Mardi Gras in his birthplace of New Orleans.  Brubeck's "Jazz Goes to 
College" was a sensation by 1954, and thus the cover story.  Dave related in 
the Ken Burns series how mortified with embarrassment he was to make the 
cover of Time before Duke Ellington did.  He was touring with Duke at the 
time and I believe it was the ever gracious Ellington who was the first to 
congratulate Brubeck.  Duke made the cover eventually on August 20, 1956 
following his success at that summer's Newport Jazz Festival.  As far as I 
know only two other jazz musiicians have been Time cover stories: Thelonious 
Monk on February 28, 1964, and Wynton Marsalis on October 22, 1990.  Monk 
was scheduled to appear in November 1963, the week following JFK's 

Tom Reney

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> RE:  1959 Releases
> Dave Brubeck's Time Out on Columbia was the first million seller LP.  The 
> success of this LP also landed Dave with a cover photo on Time Magazine. 
> It is interesting that the biggest single from that release was TAKE FIVE 
> which was attributed to Paul Desmond and not Brubeck.  That is another 
> story.  Another interesting fact is that the royalties from Take Five go 
> to Paul Desmond's estate and those funds have been designated to be 
> donated to the American Red Cross.  Also, the LP Time Out has never been 
> out of print at Columbia in the last 50 years.
> I find such nuggets of information are of interest to listeners when 
> playing this music.
> Tom
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