[JPL] Boston JAZZ Radio Programming

Paul Combs pcomb at comcast.net
Tue May 12 11:15:34 EDT 2009

I had some inkling of this possibility when Ron and I had lunch a couple 
of weeks ago, but I did not expect that they would use Ron's departure - 
for purely personal reasons - as an excuse to drop Al and Kevin. I just 
called WGBH to register my disappointment. While I enjoy and respect Bob 
Parlocha, Al and Kevin each bring something else to their programming, 
and I am sure there are (in fact I can think of a few) people in the 
Boston community who could have done a very good job with early Monday 

Sadly, I do not expect any change of this decision from WGBH. The powers 
there have never gone back on a decision that I can remember in the past.

Looking forward to catching up with folks in Rochester,



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