[JPL] Re: Sony promo

Arturo Gomez arturogomez at kuvo.org
Tue May 12 12:44:39 EDT 2009

Blaise wrote <<<< Is anyone else doing the Sony/Legacy giveaway.  It
required contact with

someone NOT in programming to assure them that we are not pocketing the
product and are mentioning the sponsor. It also requests that we confirm
that we are not increasing airplay of the product to do the giveaway.  Is
this something from commercial radio?  >>>

After talking to our Morning Beat host who also happens to be our PD/COO,
Carlos Lando who agreed to give them away during morning drive, I opted to
participate in both EMI giveaways, the Cassandra Blue Note pop tunes
compilation and the Capitol Classic Sinatra II release. It simply required
us to fill out a form via PDF and send back, that is all there was to it.
Perhaps Sony has other internal requirements.


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