[JPL] My take on the current number one charting CD

Claudia Russell crussell at sdccd.edu
Tue May 12 16:29:31 EDT 2009

No need to wear body armor, Arturo.  In fact, if you need to go underground,
I have a bunker available.  I am digging into other new releases that I
simply find more interesting.

Ducking for cover,
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With all the provocative CDs out now including several fine outings by female
vocalists,  my mind can't grasp that the current number one charting CD has
been there at all, much less for 2 weeks. This is strictly my take, our on
air hosts are having a hard time giving that CD much attention as well. It is
like one long suite in 10 movements without any variations on the theme. The
most difficult part of the equation for us is that the artist has a proven
track record of much better releases, we're fans of the artist, just not this


Putting on protective gear..





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