[JPL] Re: Sony promo

Blaise Lantana blaise.lantana at riomail.maricopa.edu
Tue May 12 20:41:16 EDT 2009

Thanks.  It wasn't the confusion, just that I got offended that they can't
take my word that I'm giving away the CDs.  It feels weird to have to get
approval from management or another department to do a giveaway, but I get
what they are trying to do.  I'm sure people who REALLY play these games
will get around their requirements to do get what they want in commercial

Public radio has never had a payola problem. You CAN"T pay us or bribe us
with TVs or leather jackets, or beg us with pathetic tales to play bad
music, or ANY music.  We are so dedicated and in love with this music.  We
are all too sure that WE know what should be on OUR station and no record
label or promoter can overcome that delightful jazz music director
arrogance.  Ask any jazz promoter about that battle.  So it's pretty funny
that we are included in the solution to payola problems.   

Plus, they are giving away my core playlist here, Miles, Brubeck, come on,
of course I'll play it.  I'm already playing that music every night.  Just
the usual irony of the world.   

Thanks for your input on this guys.
Blaise Lantana
Music Director
KJZZ Phoenix

Ps I used to dream about payola, like a trip to Cuba to hear a band that I
would be playing anyway.  Of course no such thing ever occurred.     

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