[JPL] Harry Abraham passes

McWilliams, Robert C radiobob at ku.edu
Thu May 14 14:27:04 EDT 2009

I remember driving late one night as a college student in Kansas and going up and down the dial and, all of a sudden, hearing Lee Morgan and the Sidewinder--almost drove off the road in surprise. After that, whenever i was driving late at night, I would be tuned into Harry's show. This was just when I was getting into jazz so it was great to find him then.

Bob McWilliams
Kansas Public Radio

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WHAM in Rochester announced today that Harry Abraham passed away last  
week.  I don't know if anyone else had seen this:

Philadelphia, PA - Long time Rochester radio jazz host Harry Abraham  
has died. Abraham hosted an overnight jazz program on 1180 WHAM for  
many years. A website called Rochester Beat notes that "from 1969 to  
1978 Harry Abraham played jazz, real jazz, from Midnight to 5AM every  
night but Saturday. WHAM's nightime signal covered at least half of  
the United States. The show was called "The Best of All Possible  
Worlds". It seemed he could almost play anything on that show and did."

WHAM said the cause of death was cancer.  He was 64.

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