[JPL] Harry Abraham passes

Tom Marcello tom at joelocke.com
Thu May 14 18:59:48 EDT 2009

I just sent Harry a email the other day because I unearthed a  
collection of Different Drummers during a recent move and thought he  
would like them.

Derrick Lucas should be given recognition in bringing Harry out from  
the cold in these last years. It led to me reconnecting with him  
again and lots of correspondence, not only between him and I, but  
from many others whose lives were touched while he was on the air at  
WHAM. Sharing those memories from old fans with Harry was a personal  
pleasure for me. He really didn't realize that his time on the air  
was so influential in many people's lives. He heard that over and  
over again.

In the days when I used to travel around the country by car, it was  
so cool to be connected with the music, on a AM car radio, in the  
middle of say Missouri, at 4 AM! You could a the worst junker, but as  
long as the AM radio worked, you were cool!

I was listening when Maynard was on the show and called him a "pr**k"  
As you listened to Ferguson's footsteps leaving the studio and the  
door shutting, a few seconds went by in silence and then Harry said  
"There goes a little man". It ended Harry's career.

In those days Rochester was still on the jazz touring circuit and  
most of those gigs were for more than a week, so there were frequent  
guests stropping by to talk and play dj.

Good Times!



Tom Marcello
Manager / Joe Locke

tom at joelocke.com

> Here is the guest book for anyone who wises to leave their thoughts  
> about
> Harry for his family to read
> http://www.legacy.com/gb2/default.aspx?bookid=3706683827676

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