[JPL] Harry Abraham passes

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What a world Harry created on those nights -- it might have been Brian
Sanders who hipped me to him, and he was talked about a lot by players
in Central Illinois in those days.  I recall our mutual friend,
trumpeter Steve Jensen, coming back from a tour and talking about
dropping by "The Best of All Possible Worlds" while in Rochester, just
as Tom Marcello recalls guys would do.

I noticed Harry chimed in on JPL about 3 years ago in response to a
question by Jae, and saw then his website had some of his photos and a
brief note of his radio days.  Here's a link to a piece on the Jazz
Journalists site, with a letter Harry wrote in the 70's to Paul Baker,
about his approach to his program.  


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Subject: Re: [JPL] Harry Abraham passes


When I discovered WHAM as a teenager in Chicago I took a felt pen and
marked the spot on the dial. Later he was the soundtrack to many a
frozen late-night drive somewhere across the prairie after a gig.? I
can't believe he was only only a few years older than I.? He always
sounded so worldly and experienced on the air. I figured he was
ancient.? You know, at least 35.

Brian Sanders
KNAU, Flagstaff


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