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Fri May 15 14:39:15 EDT 2009

Dear Friends, I know I'm leaving many necessary people out, so please
forward this message to those you know will want it, and please forgive me
if you receieve this twice, several people are getting the word out.

Michael, the gentleman staying with and caring for Mark, called Catherine
Dupuis,  last nite to inform her that time is running short to spend time
with Mark before his Alzheimers overtakes him.  This said, Michael, who
lives with Mark now fulltime in his house on Walker Lake, invites each and
every one of us to make a plan to get out to see Mark now through the end of
summer, tho' the sooner you can get out to see Mark the more clear his
faculties will be.

Please call Michael to schedule your visit.  The house is 570-296-7455.
Mark will be elated to hear from you and to see you.  Michael looks forward
to meeting you.

If travel is difficult and/or you prefer to send Mark a note (always
appreciated), the address:

Mark Murphy
108 Maple Plc Drive
Shohola, PA  15458

Sorry to bring this news, but hoping you can find joy in contacting him.
Michael says he speaks often and fondly of all the singers who've worked
with him over the years.

Don't hesitate to call me - cell 646-320-5852.  Best to all of you.  c.

Cathi Walkup


cathi at cwalkup.com

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