[JPL] PLAYLIST #250 ( !! ) J&B Tour for tuesday May 26 with ASFM105.4 in The Netherlands

Joost van Steen joost at jazzbluestour.nl
Sat May 23 03:13:32 EDT 2009

Hai ALL!

Very happy to have reached show # 250 !! with this station and this all
because of the opportunity given by the station and

a great thanks to all you great artists out there who so fantastic supported
the show and myself with your great music, engagement and 

enthusiasm which always encouraged me to continue bringing great Jazz and
Blues to the listeners from our station in my hometown Alphen aan den Rijn
and the direct surroundings.

Hoping to can continue for a long time with this program and the great
contacts and friendliness with all of you which always kept me going!

THANK YOU and goodluck to all of you!


Jazz & Blues Tour

C/O  Joost van Steen

PO  BOX  471

2400  AL  Alphen aan den Rijn

The Netherlands


www.jazzbluestour.nl <http://www.jazzbluestour.nl/> 



 <http://www.radio.nl/jazzbluestour> www.radio.nl/jazzbluestour

      May 26 # 250 !!                

 1st Hour  21:00-22:00 hrs         
  Nr.   Artist   ---    Title   ====     From The Album; 
    1 The Glenn Miller Orchestra (directed by Wil Salden)    ---    Miller
Meets Kaempfert Medley    ====    The Very Best Of Swing
    2 Miles Davis     ---    Sonya     ====    Doo Bop
    3  John Lee Hooker     ---    I'm In The Mood    ====     The Best
Of....John Lee Hooker
    4 Mike Clinco     ---  The Rest Will Follow    ====     Neon
    5 Phillip Walker - 3rd Anual Delta Groove All-Star Blues Revue Street
---    Walking Woman   ====    Live At ground Zero VOL 1
 DO YOU REMEMBER..    The Lionel Hampton Story
    6 Lionel Hampton    ---    Hamp's Boogie Woogie and Playboy     ====
Flying Home - The Lionel Hampton Story 
    7 Robert Johnson     ---    Kindhearted Woman Blues     ====    King Of
the Delta Blues
    8 Gerry Mulligan Tentet: Rebirth Of The Cool    ---   Move      ====
North Sea Jazz Festival- The Hague Years
    9 B.B. King & Eric Clapton     ---   Help the Poor    ====     Riding
With The King
  10 Mark Elf     ---  So Samba    ====    The Eternal Triangle
  May 26 # 250!   Lean Back and Enjoy The 2nd Hour... 
 2nd hour 22:00 - 23:00 hrs           
  Nr.  Artist    ---    Title   ====    From The Album; 
   1 Buddy Rich and Orchestra    ---   In A Mellowtone     ====    North Sea
Jazz Festival- The Hague Years
   2 The Mannish Boys Feat. Kid Ramos - - 3rd Anual Delta Groove All-Star
Blues Revue     ---      Johnny Cochino    ====    Live At ground Zero VOL 2
   3 Ms Jaz     ---   This Masquerade     ====    Chances
   4 Harmonica Shah Feat. Howard Glazer     ---   Crying Michigan Tears
====     Tell It To Your Landlord
   5 Kris Adams     ---   Ladies In Mercedes     ====    Weaver Of Dreams
                                  The "CHET"  - Session
   6 Chet Baker     ---   Waltz For Berlin      ====    Welcome Back
   7 Diana Krall     ---    I've Got You Under My Skin     ====    When I
Look In Your Eyes
   8 Rick Haydon & John Pizzarelli     ---    Old Foks     ====     Just
   9 Kari Gaffney     ---   Angel Eyes      ====    Angel Eyes
END Jean Toots Thielemans Hard To Say Goodbye Hard To Say Goodbye
              C JvS, May - 2009, Jazz & Blues Tour R NL, All Rights

Well, that's it for this special #250 (!!) show. Ofcourse all your comments,
tips, tricks always highly appreciated!

Have yourself a great week, take care of each other and yourself and do be

Here we go on to the 500 Shows!!

Kind regards

Joost van Steen, Host / producer Jazz & Blues Tour with ASFM105.4 in Alphen
aan den Rijn, The Netherlands




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