[JPL] PLAYLIST - WSHA 5/25/09 Straight No Chaser

Susan Reeves susan at susanreeves.net
Tue May 26 21:31:52 EDT 2009

WSHA 88.9 Raleigh -  Straight No Chaser,   Monday Edition (Susan Reeves)
Monday May 25, 2009   8 - midnight
(artist - song title - cd) (*- recent release)

Towner Galaher – Boogaloobop   (Courageous Hearts)* 
Robert Walter – Scores of Spores   (Cure All)
Dinah Washington – Blues for a Day   (Mellow Mama)
Vignola Collective – Funky Monkey   (Gypsy Grass)*
Gene Harris / Jack McDuff – title   (Down Home Blues)
Nels Cline -   The Nomad’s Home   (Coward)*
Southside Johnny   - Tango Till They’re Sore   (Grapefruit Moon)
Kyle Asche – Killer Ray   (Blues for Mel)*
Joe Locke -     Like Joe   (Force of Four)
Steve Haines – The Freightrain   (Stickadiboom)* 
Iris Ornig – Summer   (New Ground)*
Tom Lellis – For Better Days   (Avenue of the Americas)
Justin Vasquez – Fields   (Triptych)*
Lynne Arriale -   Crawfish and Gumbo   (Nuance)*
Norma Winstone – A Timeless Place   (Well Kept Secret)
Greg Reitan – Unquity Road     (Some Other Time)*
Gene Ess – Ryo’s First Flight   (Modes of Limited Transcendance)*
Brad Mehldau-   B-Flat Waltz   (Live)
Kendra Shank – I’m Movin’ On   (Mosaic)*
The October Trio/ Brad Turner -   Wait   (Looks Like It’s Going to Snow)*
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society -   Redeye   (Infernal Machines)*
Joe Lovano Us Five   -   The Drum Song   (Folk Art)*
Omar Sosa – Across Africa (Arrival )     (Across the Divide)*
Cyminology -   Sendegi   (As Ney)*
Burgstaller Martignon 4 -   Three Children’s Songs   (Mozart’s Blue Dreams)*
Lisa Markley – title (One Word)*
Brad Shepik -   Lima   (Human Activity Suite)* 
Matt Ulery – Light Sleeper   (Themes and Scenes)*
Alison Ruble   - So In Love     (This is a Bird)
The Bad Plus –   Semi- Simple Variations   (For All I Care)* 
Fareed Haque /Flat Earth Ensemble -   32 Taxis   (Flat Earth)*
The Fully Celebrated – Reptoid Alliance   (Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones)*
Helge Lien Trio – Axis of Free Will   (Hello Troll)*
Miles Davis – Will O’ the Wisp -   (Sketches of Spain) 

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Raleigh, N.C.


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