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Sun May 31 05:01:34 EDT 2009

Radio 2000 - Playlist Jazz Rendezvous Running Order - Sunday 31 May 2009 -
Presenter: Eric Alan
South African Music emboldened and Italics
   18h00 - HOUR No. 1
18:00 to 18:10 INTRODUCE LYRICAL PURSUIT GAME - A couple of lines from the
lyrics of a well-known song are read out as clues from the beginning of and
then through the show at regular interval¹s show. Listeners are invited to
call in with the name of the song for the duration of the show. At the end
of the show, the answer will be revealed, a winners name will be announced,
and the song is played at the last song of the show.
Gary Deacon     Rise 'n Shine - Jazz Rendezvous Intro/Outro    Sunset
Boulevard    Gary Deacon   Gary Deacon   SAMRO
DEMO GD 001    S.A.    1995
Gary Deacon     One Summer Night - General Under voice Bed    Sunset
Boulevard     Gary Deacon    Gary Deacon    SAMRO
DEMO GD 001    S.A.    1995
Abdullah Ibrahim    In A Sentimental Mood    Senzo - Solo Piano     Edward
Kennedy Duke / Manny Kurtz / Irving Mills     Intuition    EMI Mils Music
CDGRUB 130     S.A.    2009
   18:10 to 18:20 BIG BAND BREAK ­ Two to three big band songs are played
back-to-back depending on the length of each tune.

Jonny Cooper Orchestra    Bloemfontein Se Rose    Swing Safari    N/S    JCO
N/A (SAMRO)    JCO 004
S.A.   2004
Hanepoot & The Biggish Band     Stywepap En Bredie    Salt & Vinegar
David Ledbetter    HBB    N/A (SAMRO)    JAZZCOZA CD 01    S.A.    2005
the weeks Billboard Sales Charts Top 15 Mainstream Jazz Albums - countdown
of the 15 albums. Tracks from two albums selected from the charts are

Madeleine Peyroux    Bare Bones    Bare Bones    Batteau - Klein -
Peyroux/Becker - Klein - Peyroux    Rounder     Zeon Music / Exegeis Music /
Chrysalis Music / ASCAP Pennywell Pub / BMI     STARCD 7317        2009
Melody Gardot    Somewhere Over The Rainbow    My One And Only Thrill
Harold Arlen / Edgar Yipsel "Yip" Harberg    Verve Records    CBS Feist
Catalogue Inc / Robbins Msc / ASCAP    STARCD 7328       2009
18:30 to 18:50 ARTIST/MUSICIAN INTERVIEW TIME - Live in studio for South
African based musicians and live telephone for international musicians
interviews only on the day of broadcast, no pre-recorded interviews will be
considered. The musician guest¹s music will be played between the chat
periods and listeners will be invited to call in with questions for the

Saxophonist, band leader and composer IVAN MAZUZE released his debut album
MAGANDA independently late last year. We find out how he overcame the
problems of such an undertaking and achieved his goal. We also find out who
his influences have been and what he has mapped out for his future and where
he see's himself on the African and world music scene.

Ivan Mazuze    Papa Samora     Maganda     Ivan Mazuze    Ivan Mazuze
Imazuzes Music / SARRAL    Mazuze 1
S.A.   2008

Ivan Mazuze    Words Cannot Describe This Feeling     Maganda     Ivan
Mazuze    Ivan Mazuze    Imazuzes Music / SARRAL
Mazuze 1   S.A.    2008

Ivan Mazuze    Going Home     Maganda     Ivan Mazuze    Ivan Mazuze
Imazuzes Music / SARRAL    Mazuze 1    S.A.    2008
18:50 to 19:00 PLAYBACK FROM WAY BACK ­ A couple of songs from way back
along the tracks of time, time to tug at the musical memories from
yesteryear. Listeners are asked to call in with their answer as to who the
bands or singers are.

King Kong Original Cast    Sad Times, Bad Times    King Kong Original Cast
Todd Matshakeza / Pat Williams     Gallo    Gallo Music Pub / SAMRO
CDZAC 51 R     S.A.    1959
Tony Schilder & Friends     Ndi Thanda Ilanga    The Tony Schilder Trio
Tony Schilder    EWM    Songwrights    SEA 41802     S.A.    1995
   19h00 - HOUR No. 2
19:00 to 19:10 GIG GUIDE - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ­ Information on a selected
jazz gigs or happenings from around the country, be it a Festival or club
gig, reported live via telephone by correspondents in centres around South
Africa. Two tunes to be played, depending on the length of each song

Jonathan Butler    Dancing On The Shore    Afrocool - SA Smooth Jazz Hits
Jonathan Butler    Sheer Sound    Zomba Music Ltd / ASCAP / PRS    SSPCD 102
S.A.    2008
Walter Beasley    Steady As She Goes    Free Your Mind    James K Lloyd
Heads Up Records    Buntz Music Pub / ASCAP    HUCD3147        2009

Vusi Khumalo    Scamtho    Follow Your Dream    Vusi Khumalo    Melt 2000
Mausana Msc    BW 093    S.A.    1997
Jeff Lorber    Rehab    Heard That      Amy Jade Winehouse    Peak Records
EMI Blackwood Music Inc / BMI     0888 072307247        2008
the weeks Smooth Jazz Chart - Contemporary Jazz Albums Top 15 - countdown of
the Top 15 albums. Tracks from two albums selected from the charts are

Randy Crawford & Joe Sample    Angel of the Morning    No Regrets    Chip
Taylor    Emarcy    EMI Music Publishing    STARCD 7262         2008
Euge Groove    A Summer Nights Dream    Born 2 Groove    Steven Grove
Narada Jazz     Euge Songs / Copyright Control / BMI    CDSTBN (WI) 1275
19:30 to 19:50 MUSIC BUSINESS & EDUCATION INTERVIEW TIME - Interview with
important players in the Arts, Culture, Music and Recording industry,
focusing on various aspects and legalities of the industry. How arts workers
can access various important resources to further and protect their careers.
Music to be played between each question and answer. Listeners are invited
to call in with question for the guests.

We talk to Clive why he started the Cape Town school of Songwriting. We will
also find out the various aspects of what it takes to write a good song, let
alone a hit. Clive is a musician, songwriter, band leader and was the
station manager of KFM and left to follow his passion out helping talented
people realise their own dreams.

Zamajobe   Come To Me   Ndoni Yamanzi   Zamajobe Sithole, Erik Paliani
Sony BMG Music     Universal Music Publishing / SAMRO      CDSTEP 126
S.A.    2008

Sammy Webber    No Way Out    Happy to Be     Sammy Webber    Sammy CD
SAMRO    F1000379    S.A.    2003

Lira   Celebrating Life   Soul In Mind   Lira Molapo, Victor Mgomezulu,
Tshepo Sekele, Robin Kohl      Sony BMG    Otarwl Msc / Uhtwelo Msc / Ebony
Msc / J2 Pub   CDSTEP 128         2008
19:50 to 20:00 BIG BLUES BREAK - As the name implies a couple of great blues
tunes. 2 to 3 songs depending on the length of each track.

Dan Patlansky    Your Mama Don¹t Dance    Real    Jim Messina/ Kenny Loggins
Bowline     Universal Music Publishing    F1001078   S.A.    2006
Son Seals   Let It Go   Telarc's Got More Blues    Gerald Catalano    Telarc
Blues     Pet Cat Publishing / ASCAP    CD 83503        2000
   20h00 - HOUR no. 3
20:00 to 20:10 GIG GUIDE - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ­ Information on a selected
jazz gigs or happenings from around the country, be it a Festival or club
gig, reported live via telephone by correspondents in centres around South
Africa. Two tunes to be played, depending on the length of each song

Jason Reolon Trio    Fat Alberts    Off The Record    Jason Reolon     Jason
Reolon     Desert Island / SAMRO     DIR 001    S.A.     2007
Christian Scott    So What    Rewind That    Miles Davis    Concord Records
Jazz Horn Music Corp / BMI     001 343 1224436        2006
20:10 to 20:20 DOUBLE PLAY BACK TO BACK - The same tune or song played back
to back. Listeners are asked to call in with the name of the song and the
names of the two artists who sing the song.

Cassandra Wilson    Time After Time    Closer To You - The Pop Side
Cynthia Lauper / Robert Andrew Hyman   Blue Note Records   WB Corp / ASCAP /
Sony ATV Songs LLC / BMI    509996 96087 2 8         1999
Miles Davis    Time After Time    Cool & Collected: The Very Best Of Miles
Davis    Cynthia Lauper / Robert Andrew Hyman   Columbia Legacy   WB Corp /
ASCAP / Sony ATV Songs LLC / BMI    CDCOL 7078        1985
A Look at the JazzWeek Radio Play Top 50 Mainstream Jazz Albums - countdown
of the 10 albums. Tracks from two albums selected from the charts to be

Tierney Sutton Band    It's Only A Paper Moon    Desire    Billy Rose, E Yip
Harburg    Telarc Jazz    Ann Rachel Music / Glocca Mora Music / SA Music /
ASCAP   CD 83685         2009
The Blue Note 7    Little B's Poem    Mosaic - A Celebration Of, Blue Note
Records     Bobby Hutcherson    Blue Note EMI    EMI Unart Catalogue / BMI
5099 2 28123 2 2        2008
20:30 to 20:50 ALBUM of the WEEK and INTERVIEW with the MUSICIAN (When
Possible) ­ Live in studio interview of SA based musicians or live telephone
of international musicians on the day of the show only will be considered.
Two to three tracks from a randomly chosen jazz album played between chats
to the musician concerned. Listeners are invited to call in with question
for the guests.    

We speak to DAVE REYNOLDS who has been instrumental the release of a
posthumous album by the late GITO BALOI.  The album, BEYOND features 10
previously unreleased songs which he had been recording at the time of his
passing. Beyond was completed by producer and friend Dave Reynolds and
features a host of Gito's friends and colleagues. There are many more
unreleased compositions written by Gito, recorded that have never been
produced or distributed. We'll find out from Dave what is going to happen
this wealth of material and we will listen to tracks from BEYOND. This
project is a labour of love for Gito's friends, who have set up a trust, the
GITO BALOI MEMORIAL TRUST, 100% of the proceeds of album sales will go to
the GITO BALOI MEMORIAL TRUST a fund which was created for his children, his
family in Mozambique and future projects pertaining to his legacy.  Beyond
is also a charity venture with donations from all the people involved and
some funding from the National Arts Council.

Gito Baloi   Feeling Good Instrumental Remix    Beyond    Gito Baloi,  Dave
Reynolds    Sheer Sound    Sheer Pub / Caveman Music    CAVCD 002    S.A.

Gito Baloi   Uma Mensagem   Beyond    Gito Baloi, Paul Hanmer, Pedro Da
Silva Pinto, Dave Reynolds     Sheer Sound    Sheer Pub / 340ml / Brown Mans
Bluff Music / Caveman Music     CAVCD 002    S.A.    2008

Gito Baloi   Queremos Viver Em Paz   Beyond    Gito Baloi,     Sheer Sound
Sheer Publishing    CAVCD 002    S.A.    2008
   20:50 to 22:55 A listeners requested tune before the Grand Finale -
Innocents in the Eastern Capes request

The Rippingtons    Affair In San Miguel    Welcome To The St. James' Club
Russ Freeman    GRP Records    Who's Hacking Music / PoloyGram International
Pub Co / BMI     GRD 9618        1990
20:55 to 21:00 LYRICAL PURSUIT GAME ANSWER ­ The answer to the game is given
and the winners name is read out. The song is then played as the farewell
tune of the show.  

Alison Dewar    Black Velvet    Natural    Christopher Ward / David Tyson
Sherdew Music    EMI / ASCAP    SCDM 002CD    S.A.    2007
Interview time is around 3 minutes between music tracks played
% of SA Music excluding interviews 62%    % of SA including interviews - 70%
Copyright ©2009 Eric Alan

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