[JPL] Mark Robinson - New Zealand Jazz Shows

Mark Robinson markrobbo at clear.net.nz
Wed Sep 2 05:26:03 EDT 2009

Kia Ora,


It is with much sadness that I have to inform you that I will no longer be
presenting my weekly Jazz Show on the radio nor running George Jazz Internet
Jazz Radio.


I would like to thank you all immensely for furnishing me with wonderful
music over the last few years - it is a real joy to be introduced to so many
new musicians week after week.


For those of you that I have personally swapped emails with I have enjoyed
our brief friendship.


I am talking to several websites and radio stations here in NZ so that I may
continue to broadcast Jazz.


Once again thank you - I hope that perhaps I can email you in the future and
say "It's all on again send me your stuff" !!!!!!!!


If any of you know of jazz stations that take syndicated shows I would be
happy for you to forward my email.


Thanks again from Aotearoa




Fader down


Mic off 


Lights Out









Mark Robinson


MBE P 283

Private Bag 92175



New Zealand



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