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Please let me know which label the new Elder CD is on.  I want to request a copy for KJLU.

Thank you.

Dan Turner

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Curious to what folks think of this new Eldar release. The writing is ridiculous. Heady yes but I think he's on to "his" perspective now. I didn't get that the last couple of recordings but with "Virtue" I think he's found his compositional direction. We've listened to him grow and it's been a wonderful experience listening to him develop into an extraordinary musician. I'll give him a few more years...by that point he will be seasoned enough for us to remember what he's playing at the piano but that said, he's showing me something new with this recording. 

It's interesting to me in that more and more of the music seems to be headed in this direction...straighter eighth...with match grip drummers...that sound similar...but weave through intricate sections with precision and control but with little elasticity, range and flow in their stroke...unlike Harland and Stewart. They too will grow...hopefully.

Jae Sinnett 


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