Lois Gilbert jazz at jazzcorner.com
Thu Sep 3 09:37:40 EDT 2009

Hi all

I am so proud of this podcast, now streaming at
http://jazzcorner.com/innerviews  With Jimmy's permission, I took an award
winning interview from WRVR days and updated it and it's now a podcast. It
an glimpse into jazz history, the challenges both brothers went through
including Jimmy's music being smuggled out of prison by his brother Tootie
and recorded by Miles, Cannonball, Yusef, Dexter to name a few.  And Percy,
my dear dear friend talks about the Tuskagee Airmen experiment. If you are
interest in carrying it, I will upload a wav for you to download. Just pls
let me know, off or onlist. This is in celebration of the Heath Bros
performance at the Detroit Jazz Festival this year. I would appreciate even
though it's a crazed weekend for many of use, that you give it a listen.

all best and see or hear you somewhere this weekend. I'm in Detroit

Lois Gilbert
lois at jazzcorner.com

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