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Thu Sep 10 02:29:15 EDT 2009

There's nothing like the Detroit International Jazz Festival to put a  
smile on evening the bleakest of summers.  There are too many  
highlights to mention but I will attempt.

1.  Michelle Mercer and Wayne Shorter
2.  Wayne's performance
3. Lenny, Stanley and Chick performing "After The Cosmic Rains"  
4. Hank Jones, George Mraz, Carl Allen
5. Hanging with the Good Dr., Lois Gilbert, Marian and Bob, Linda  
Yohn, Evelyn Hawkins, Shaunna and Mike, Eulis Cathey, Janis Siegel,  
Denis Naranjo, Russ Davis, Brian, Karma and Savannah Auger, Lenny  
White, Warmdaddy and Desi, Rodney and Cookie Whitaker, Sean Jones, Ron  
Blake, Dorthaan Kirk, Marion Hayden, Gayelynn McKinney, Jonathan  
Turner, Ernie Krivda, Dennis Wilson, the true jazz fans from  
Cleveland, Johnny O'Neal, Al Pryor and last but not least my wife and  
6. The performances......
7, The people of Detroit and visiting jazz lovers.
8. The visit to the Motown museum.
9. The great weather
10.The fireworks!!!!!

and last but not least......watching my six year old son Xavier's  
first emcee experience for the Juilliard Jazz Quartet and getting a  
warm round of applause from the audience and recognition throughout  
Jazz Disneyland after.  Priceless!!!!!

Whether I'm in the industry or out, I'll always come back to Detroit  
for Jazz Disneyland.  See you next year!!


Bobby Jackson

Who's attending the PRPD in Cleveland next week?

On Sep 9, 2009, at 10:24 PM, Seymour, Bob wrote:

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> Debuting at #22:  Bob Florence Limited Edition - LEGENDARY
> An extraordinary human being and musical genius with an illustrious  
> life and career, the late, legendary, Grammy and Emmy Award winning  
> Bob Florence blazed a trail where-ever he went; he was indeed made  
> up of all the ingredients that legends are made of
> --------
> Thanks, Dr. Jazz, for posting the article on John Clayton's premiere
> that capped an amazing Detroit Jazz Festival.  And many thanks, too,  
> for
> the hospitality shown by you and other festival staff during the
> weekend!  The Detroit Fest was everything I'd expected, after running
> the 'highlights' show every year -- and lots more.  The artist lineup,
> the fine-tuned organization of it all, the venues, and the great
> audiences make it a remarkable experience, and a terrific gift to the
> city and to the jazz community.
> It was a treat to be able to hang out with Linda Yohn and to meet Ed
> Love, the voices of jazz in the Motor City -- and to see Bobby  
> Jackson,
> Russ Davis (enjoyed your blog posts!), Shaunna Machosky, Eulis Cathey,
> Dorthann Kirk, Denny Stilwell and Al Pryor from Mack Avenue, and many
> others.
> The premieres of major works by Gerald Wilson and John Clayton, as
> mentioned in Mark Stryker's review, are indicative of the ways this
> festival sets the bar high, and delivers in so many ways.  After years
> of following from a distance, I'm glad to be able to testify first- 
> hand,
> and look forward to the 'Best of 2009' radio special, and of course to
> the lineup for 2010!
> Bob Seymour
> WUSF, Tampa
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