[JPL] La Shana Tova

Steve Schwartz steve_schwartz at wgbh.org
Fri Sep 18 09:20:16 EDT 2009

I recieved this message this morning from pianist Mike Melvoin:

We are about to re-up for another year. We hope that our menschkeit  
has outweighed our self interest. Even if it fell short, a likely  
prospect, we hope (pray) that we get another chance to do it better.  
Measuring our aspirations against infinite good, measuring our vision  
against infinite sight, measuring our heart against pure tzadaukah,  
we are coming up short. The beauty of our path is the ideal of making  
it better. Here. Now. I want you, my dear friends and family, to make  
the next minutes of this precious life the stuff of immortality, the  
music of forever. We can do it better, and we will.
The sin of omission: the opportunity to do something good and the  
failure to do it.
The sin of intention: the commission of a good act for the wrong reason.
A couple of very sophisticated Jewish sins. We have until Yom Kippur  
to decide how we will deal with them.
I hope God, from the most to the least explicit, guides you in that  
I am so grateful to have the shot, and to tell you so.
L'shana Tovah,

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